Vol 4, No 4 (2023): October 2023

This journal contains five journals about asphyxia, menstrual hygiene, hiperbilirubinemia, knowledge and husband's support during postpartum, and giving knowledge about Sexual transmitted infection by booklet


Vol 2, No 4 (2021): October 2021

The journal contains five articles about systematic review about efectivity of perineal massage on perineal tears in primipara, documentation and evaluation in maternal and child health service, murrotal effect on labor pain, factor affecting prolonged first stage of labor and correlation between increasing body weight and preeclampsia in pregnancy

Vol 2, No 2 (2021): April

This journal contains5 journals about Zinc consumption to heal perineum tears and decrease pain scale, correlation about gravida and abortus, correlation of nutritionstatus and motoric development on 3-5years old, Cadres refreshing to increase skill to examine cervical camcer with IVA test, analysis of materialsadequate of future bride course

Vol 2, No 1 (2021): January 2021

This journal contains 5 articles about correlation between mother's knowledge about growth and development and participation in posyandu, breast care to prevent engorgement, anxiety in pregnancy in pandemic covid 19, effect of community health worker in pregnant women in pandemic covid 19 and factors affecting behaviour in pregnant women on voluntary counceling test (VCT)


Vol 1, No 5 (2020): October 2020

This Journal contain five journals about Provider initiated testing and counseling, effleurage massage, stunting in child 1-3 years old, effect of hypnotherapy in pra elderly and midwives motivation using partograph

Vol 1, No 4 (2020): July 2020

This Journal contain five articles about progestin injection method contraception, asphyxia neonatorum, exclussive breastfeeding, contraception history in menopause adn good care in umbilical cord.

Vol 1, No 3 (2020): April 2020

This Journal contains five articles about Family Planning, Perilaku Hidup Bersih dan Sehat (PHBS) in students, Counseling in Postpartum Attendance, Rebozo Technique in Labor Process and Reproductive Health in Female Teenagers. Click here for COVER.

Vol 1, No 2 (2020): January 2020

This Journal contain five articles about reproductive health in teenagers; placenta praevia; premature rupture of membranes; Kadarzi


Vol 1, No 1 (2019): Oktober 2019

Jurnal ini terdiri dari lima Artikel yang melingkupi Kehamilan Serotinus, Persalinan Dengan KPD, Bayi dan Balita dengan Pneumonia, Nutrisi pada masa Nifas dan Kontrasepsi IUD.

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