Hubungan Lama Pemakaian Kontrasepsi Suntik DMPA dengan Gangguan Menstruasi di BPM Mariyah Nurlaili, Rambe Anak Mungkid Tahun 2014

Munayarokh Munayarokh, Murdiyanti Triwibowo, Zia Devi Mulya Rizkilillah


Contraceptive injections in Indonesia is one of the popular contraceptive. Indonesia Demographic and Health Survey recorded 58% of women of repro-ductive age use modern contraception, 32% of them using injections (IDHS, 2012). Hormonal contraception have some side effects are nausea, headache, bre-ast pain, fluor albus, weight gain, Hypomenorrhea contained on the use of contraceptive pills. Whilethe use of injectable contraceptives oftencauseirre-gular-bleeding(spotting),andamenorrhoea (Winkjosastro, 2007). The purpose of this study was to determine the long-standing relationship with the use of contraceptive DMPA injection of menstrual disorders in BPM Mariyah Nurlaili, Rambeanak, Mungkid. This type of research is analytic survey with cross sectional correlational. Using a non-random sampling technique with saturated sampling sampling method, obtained 70 respondents. Research results obtained menstrual disorders amenorrhea is the most widely experienced by respondents who use injectable contraceptive DMPA more than one year as many as 52 respondents (74.3%), Spotting and Hypomenorrhea more complained of by the acceptor using this contraceptive method for ≤ 1 year as many as seven respondents (10%) and 4 respondents (5.7%). Respondents who did not experience any menstrual abnormalities when using DMPA injection kontraasepsi by 3 respondents (4.3%) with the use of ≤ 1 year old. Based on the analysis of contingency coefficient obtained p value of 0.007 and r = 0.390, which means there is a significant relationship between the duration of use of DMPA injectable contraceptives with menstrual disorders in BPM Mariyah Nurlaili, Rambeanak, Mungkid weak correlation with the level of force. For midwives should always provide information and repeat acceptor understanding about the side effects of contraception and contraceptive use when revisited so akeptor know and be able to overcome the side effects they experienced.


Old consumption;Injectable Contraception DMPA;Menstrual Disorders

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